by Connor McLean

Connor McLean: Fragments [2022] premiere

Commissioned by Nikolaus von Bemberg with support from KODA Kultur. 

Performed by Nikolaus von Bemberg [Piano & Juno-60], Connor McLean [performance] and also featuring James Black [actor] in the video part.

︎︎︎ LiteraturHaus
︎︎︎ Friday 11/11/2022 22.00

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‘Fragments’ is a piece which examines disparate elements such as death, alienation, fantasy and dreams through a fragmented narrative landscape of DIY film, monologue, pseudo-scientific presentations and musical performance. The question that is at the core of the piece is “how can we process the world around us and our own experiences when they are divided into the real, the virtual, the external and the internal?”.

This question is asked over and over in ‘Fragments’ as the characters and ideas of this world navigate their way through dream like states and events and as more layers of information are hurled at the viewer.