I AM A GOLDEN GOD By Marcela Lucatelli

︎︎︎ Ku.Be
︎︎︎ Thursday 10/11/2022 10.00-11.00

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It’s important for us to present events that are accessible to everyone regardless of financial means. The festival ticket is priced at 100 kr [with an option to also pay 200 kr for the ticket if you have the financial means and want to support our activities]. We want to encourge audiences to visit multiple events, therefore access to all concerts on the festival is included when you purchase a ticket.

Marcela Lucatelli takes us into a synth-pop journey and shakes loose the narratives of progress contained in it. Machine and human are a sole organism and we are invited into the cracks of the technology. A wrestling match between her intensely corporeal vocalizations and the synthesizer’s capacity for sonic dominance, ‘I Am a Golden God’ shreds, exposes, and tenderly caresses the legacy of modernism as Western, technocratic, and contingent. In so doing, it opens the cages for the colonial ghosts of monumentalism that have held back liberatory potential for new ways of living the movement contained.