Lost in Data
Ensemble K!ART

Johanna Sulalampi: SOS III: Lost in data [2022] premiere 
Emil Vijgen: Piles.Piles...Piles (working title) [2022] premiere
Nina Fukuoka: Belgian rare groove & breakbeat [2015]
Cathy van Eck: Song no. 3 [2010]  

Performed by K!ART [Mikkel Schou, Hsiao-Tung Yuan, Joss Smith].

The work by Johanna Sulalampi was commissioned by K!ART. The work by Emil Vijgen was commissioned by Hsiao-Tung Yuan with support from KODA Kultur and Statens Kunstfond. 

︎︎︎ Christianshavns Beboerhus
︎︎︎ Wednesday 09/11/2022 22.00

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Sulalampi’s ‘SOS III: Lost in data’ continues her interest in symbiotic relationships of different mediums. The work explores the electrical activity of fungi as compared to human languages. 

“I’m grateful for all the fungi and microorganisms around the globe. Not only because they created our existence today but because they will be here when we are gone.” - Johanna Sulalampi

The concert also features a premier of Piles.Piles...Piles by Danish composer Emil Vijgen, which  explores personal events from specific period of his life, Nina Fukuoka’s ‘Belgian rare groove & breakbeat’ for marimba & electronics and ‘Song no. 3’ by Cathy van Eck.