Spectres of ______

Joss Smith: after image [2020]
Dylan Richards: VST Variations [2019]
Matthew Grouse & Andy Sowerby: Scratch [2017]
Joss Smith: any time any place, except here and now [2020]
Joss Smith: alternative affordances [2020]
Monika Szpyrka: The Sound of Plastic [2020]
Monika Szpyrka: no-body [2019]
Matthew Grouse: Silberblau [2020]
Michael Hope: Born/again [2019]
Joss Smith: Denominations and Forces [2021]

Performed by Current Resonance [Dylan Richards, Joss Smith, Michael Hope and Matthew Grouse] and Mikkel Schou.

︎︎︎ Christianshavns Beboerhus
︎︎︎ Saturday 20/11/2021 20.00


Mummified instruments and bodies of light, resurrected spirits and digital entities, all cohabit the space in a synthetic amalgam that engages the unreliability of the eyes and ears. Paranormal echoes of our past selves that never were.